Our Menu draws on classic Australian dishes, throws in a touch of Asia, a taste of the Middle East and a bit of continental flavour to boot.

Below you will find our Menus as they appear in the Cafe and Bar.

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Breakfast / lunch

Dive into our Asian inspired menu, with Umeboshi breakfast greens and the ever popular Chinese fried omelette. The Croque Monsuier is a winner too, we reckon.


We're always striving for innovation and excellence on our menu, so our offerings do  change regularly.  All our dishes are prepared withy the best local ingredients that we can find. 

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Served in our newly renovated loft-style bar, our dinner menu is a Tapas heavy mix of deliciousness. Our modern take on a few old classics will get your mouth watering (try the Polenta fries). Perfect for finishing a long day, or kicking off a wicked night.